Trails & Treasures ~ Michigan Back Roads

Trails & Treasures ~ Michigan Back Roads

The back cover of this book reads:

A Book of Easy Walking Trails

Most of the trails are gentle. Some are handicap accessible. All of them have some distinctive characteristic that makes the trail unique. No special equipment is needed, no extreme biking down cliffs, or riding the white waters. These are perfect for a wilderness walk with the children, and anyone of any physical condition can enjoy them.

Make a Day Trip of It.

Since the trails are short, half mile to mile and a half, the hikes only take a couple of hours. That is where the treasures come in. Near each trail are three or four destinations, treasures, so you can make a day trip of it. The treasure may be an unusual museum, unique attraction, a monument, a Michigan shop, or a place to relax and post your pictures. All of them add to the fun.

  • Great gift for anyone who loves discovering Michigan!
  • Measures 8.25" x 5.25" x .50"
  • Paperback Book (166 pages) ~ By Ron Rademacher
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Trails & Treasures ~ Michigan Back Roads
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