Sago Palm

Sago Palm

The Sago Palm is a poplular houseplant known for its feathery foliage and ease of care. It's a great plant for gifting.. especially for beginners.

Botanical Name: Cycas Revoluta. Approximately 22" in height.

Care Tips:

  • Bright, indirect sunlight
  • Allow the soil to dry in between waterings; less water than more is best
  • Do not allow it to sit in water (can cause root rot)
  • During winter months reduce watering
  • Thrives in warm, humid conditions
  • Keep away from drafts or cold windowsills
  • Not suitable for homes with small children or curious pets (toxic if ingested)

Note: Sago Palms are extremely slow-growing and often produce only one new frond each year. It can easily take five or six years to achieve its full pot size of 4 feet.

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Sago Palm
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Sago Palm