Ti Plant

Ti Plant


Botanical Name: Cordyline fruticosa

The Ti Plant is also known as the Tree of Kings or the Hawaiian Good Luck Plant. The cane-like woody stems produce sword-shaped leaves 2ft.-5ft. in length and 5"-7" in width. Leaf color can be rose, maroon, purple, pink, yellow, green or a mixture of these colors.  It's a bold houseplant with colorful foliage... perfect for a adding a dash of style to any well-lit room. Like many tropical plants, it is an evergreen plant that can provide year-round interest!

Approximately 28" in height

Care Tips:

  • Requires moderate to bright indirect sunlight.
  • Soil should be kept evenly moist; Watering frequently and letting it drain. (Should not be allowed to fully dry out).
  • Chemicals found in tap water can damage the leaves of a Ti plant (Fluoride toxicity will cause the leaf tips to turn brown). Therefore, it is recommended to water with distilled water or allow the tap water to sit out overnight (to eliminate the strength of the water-treatment chemicals). 
  • Needs a moist environment with above average humidity. Mist frequently. (Recommended: Pop it in the shower once in awhile to give it an occasional boost).
  • Prefers only warmer temperatures. Keep away from drafts or cold windowsills.
  • Keep out of reach of children and pets.

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