Pink Draceana Plant

Pink Draceana Plant

The Pink Draecana Plant has long narrow leaves with vivid pink stripes, which sit atop elongated slender 'canes.'  It's a very versatile and easy to care for plant.

Botanical Name: Asparagaceae.  Approximately 38" in height.

Care Tips:

  • Grows well in medium to bright lighting conditions; Best to avoid direct sunlight.
  •  Allow the soil to dry in between waterings, letting the water fully drain. Water less often in fall and winter, as opposed to its growing seasons of spring and summer.
  • Dracaena can be sensitive to excess salts and fluoride. If yellowing and browning of tips develops, you can try flushing the soil well, then watering with rainwater or distilled water.
  • Prefers warmer temperatures and humidity. Keep away from drafts or cold windowsills.
  • This item is for local delivery or pick-up only.

The Dracaena can grow up to 10 feet in height, while utilizing minimal floor space. It's sure to add a unique focal point to any room!

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Pink Draceana Plant
Pink Draceana Plant
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