Necklace ~ Sun and Moon Pendant

Necklace ~ Sun and Moon Pendant

A simple, yet hard-working, double-sided stunner! This necklace features a single, hand-formed circle pendant, glazed and high-fired. Gold luster is applied to a linen-textured surface (sun side) and fired for a third time to give a subtle sheen and highlight the warm texture. The flip side (moon side) is a durable, dimpled, glossy white glazed surface. Each bead is formed individually adding uniqueness and variation to every piece. Wear it either way, layer it with the small Sun and Moon necklace, let the compliments roll in.

*Image shows front and back side of this single pendant necklace.*

Available for local delivery or pick up only.

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Necklace ~ Sun and Moon Pendant
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Necklace ~ Sun and Moon Pendant
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Necklace ~ Sun and Moon Pendant