Fatsia Plant

Fatsia Plant

The Fatsia Plant, also commonly called Japanese Aralia, is one of the easiest of all houseplants to grow and care for. They have large (up to 16") dark green, glossy palmate leaves--similar to outstretched hands. This tropical looking evergreen can grow up to 6-8 feet tall and 6 feet wide--but are easily limited to a more compact size with pruning.

Botanical Name: Fatsia Japonica.  Approximately 26" in height.

Care Tips:

  • Grows well in shady or low lighting conditions; Avoid direct sunlight.
  • Allow the soil to dry in between waterings; Never allow the soil to become soggy 
  • Prefers warmer temperatures and humidity. Keep away from drafts or cold windowsills.
  • Low-maintenance care

This is a very hardy and tolerant plant, ideal for a window-less office or room! 

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