Rubber Plant

Rubber Plant

Botanical Name: Ficus Elastica

Rubber Plants are a popular houseplant choice due to their ease of care, attractive foliage and tree-like presence. They have large leaves witha burgundy tint and a red midrib. 

 Approximately 22" in height.

Care Tips:

  • These plants thrive in areas with full sun to partial shade.
  • Bright sunlight produces the darkest burgundy color on the leaves. It will tolerate low indoor light, but its leaves will fade to green.
  • If the leaves begin dropping or losing too much color, it's in need of more light.
  • Water only when dry to the touch,then water thoroughly, allowing the water to drain out.
  • Avoid getting the leaves wet; Avoid extreme temperatures like AC vents and fireplaces.
  • Leaves have a tendency to collect dust, which can block light absorption. Wipe dust off with a moist soft cloth.
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Rubber Plant
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