Botanical Name: Anthurium 

Anthurium, also known as Laceleaf, Painter's Palette, and Flamingo Flower, is characterized by it's heart shaped leaves and bright red/pink flowers. This plant is the perfect duo of bright and elegant. A great gift for beginning plant lovers! COntainer may vary.

Approximately 17" in height

Care Tips: 

  • Watering: Depending on the environment it's in, it should be watered once a week to keep the soil moist, but not wet. Let it dry out between watering. It's a tropical plant, so it loves humidity! If you keep a mister nearby, mist every day or so to keep it thriving!
  • Light: Medium/bright light will keep this plant blooming and healthy. Avoid harsh direct light. Morning and evening hours of sun are generally okay for this plant!


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